Ethics & confidentiality


Every candidate is to be met with respect. This means:
  • No candidate should experience that their integrity is questioned or in any way threatened.
  • No matter what the result of the testing and assessment is, the candidate shall be able to finish the process with her or his personal and professional integrity, and self-esteem intact.

Complete confidentiality

Psychological testing and assessments is to collect information which might be sensitive and has to be handled strictly confidential. This means that:

  • We give the client customer our evaluations, but not biographical details we consider they don't need
  • Assessment data is never given to a third part unless
    the candidate has given her/his specific written consent
  • Evaluation studies are completely anonymous with no
    opportunity whatsoever for candidate identifications
  • Inside information about client companies is confidential

Psychological testing and assessment is always for a specific purpose

Candidates going through testing and assessments when applying to a company, are individual professionals applying for a given position in a specific company. If the candidate don't get a job offer, it means only that s/he has not convinced sufficiently well regarding the specific company requirements. She or he may indeed still be a good candidate for a similar position in other companies and operations.

The goal is to make participation in testing and assessment a positive challenge, a learning experience, and the candidate an ambassador of the company s/he has applied to!

 SIAP Norway AS Director and Aviation Psychologist Jon Lars Syversen graduated as Cand. Psychol in clinical psychology at University of Oslo in 1986. He worked in the Armed Forces (FPPS) with leadership training and selection until joining SIAP as a consultant in 1990. He has since then worked with selection and training for a wide range of Scandinavian and international airline operators and companies, and assessed more than 3000 candidates. Besides he has been a consultant in leadership assessments and development for maritime and offshore operators, telecom companies and others. From 2003 he has also been a Senior Consultant in Human Factors AS, working with assessments, surveys and development tools for teams and organizations.