Partners & customers

Human Factors AS
An international management consultant company specializing in teams, leadership, cultural diversity, communication, project leadership, and measurement instruments. Also the global distributor of the fabulous tool Diversity Icebreaker used in seminars worldwide.

Hucon Global AS
Delivering CRM and human factors training within the aviation, maritime and medical industry, beside developing the IAP tool for assessment of performance in simulator.

Ferenc Albert Consulting
Specialist in selection, leadership and management training, with unique expertise based on consulting in Asia.

Sand Christensen Consulting
Specialist in organizational and management development, executive counselling and assessments.

Speare AS
Offering manpower, selection services and counselling for a wide range of business areas, from aviation to health care.

Wingestad Psychology AS
Specialist in selection within aviation and the maritime industry, crisis- and conflict resolution.
Member ships:
Norwegian Psychological Association (NPF)
European Association of Aviation Psychology (EAAP)
The Norwegian Polytechnic Society

From our customer list:
  • Agderfly
  • Airlift
  • Bristow Norway
  • Caverton Helicopters, Nigeria
  • CHC Scotia & Ireland
  • CAA Norway
  • Heli-Team AS
  • Karolinska Universitet
  • Luftfartsskolen
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle
  • Norwegian Aviation College
  • Norwegian Defense University College (Military pilot & officer selection)
  • Norwegian Police Helicopter
  • Pegasus Helicopter
  • SAS Airline
  • SAS Commuter
  • SAS Flight Academy
  • Speare AS (ATC-selection)
  • STFS
  • Thai Airways International