News and reflections

(Oct.2011) Assessment tool for simulator training & checks

Together with Hucon Global, we are working on a Tablet-PC tool used for assessment and training in simulators. The core of the IAP-tool ("Integrated Assessment Program") is to combine the technical-operative performance with the human factor processes. Observed and registered performance is then serving as a shared reference between instructor/assessor and the pilot when exploring technical and non-technical skills. The tool will also give key performance indicators to the operational department, information about how training scenarios and procedures work, and serve as input to CRM and human factor training.

(Sept.2011) The SIAP Pilot Screening Test

developed for and applied by Luftfartsskolen has now been used on almost 600 candidates. This test is administered by the school, scored and evaluated by SIAP, and takes about 2 hrs only. It is a time and cost-efficient solution giving measures on: General Reasoning, Technical Mechanical Comprehension, Spatial Orientation, Speed of Perception, Numerical Estimation and Simultaneous Capacity. The goal is to give an indication on aptitudes in the given areas, used when the candidate and Luftfartsskolen together discuss whether pilot training is a sound project or not.